Thursday, July 16, 2009

Google Voice android app

I just downloaded the google voice android app last night and I am impressed! When I make a call, it asked me to use my phone number or google voice. I choose to use google voice as default, and there is a delay of 4-10 seconds before the call is made. However this beats trying to dial my number, press 2 to make a call, browse my contacts for a phone number and manually enter it in!

The only gripe I have is the txt/sms message feature. They need to have an option to not forward txt/sms messages to my phone because I get two notifications when someone txt/sms me. I get a notification from the google voice app and the sms/txt message!

One other feature I would like to see besides the txt/sms message is the ability to convert txt/sms messages to email. I do not have the unlimited txt/sms plan. I know I can email sprint customers and that get's converted to txt/sms for them but having this integrated with google voice would be great!