Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting around T-Mobile text messages with G1

So I started poking around the google voice settings for my cell phone. There are two ways to stop SMS messages being forwared to my cell from google voice.

First let me explain how this works. On my G1 I have an app called google voice. I open this app and it looks similar to the email app. I can view all my SMS messages and compose a new one. I've noticed that I can only send txt to one person but eh, it still rocks! Then the person responses to my SMS and it shows up as an SMS message to my phone ( forwarded ) and in my google app. The SMS on my phone comes from a completly different phone number than my friend's number and it pre-appends my friends name as it is spelled in my address book. Last, if I want to SMS that person back through google voice and not using the app, I just SMS back to the same number google sent to me and it gets routed through google to my friend. I'm not sure why someone would want to do that, just that it can be done. So in short, if you have SMS history saved on your G1, you will start seeing strange numbers. Don't worry, those are just the google numbers.

So back to the issue at hand, I first tried changing my phone type in google voice settings to Home. However, with my google voice app loaded the notification never came through ( this might be a fluke but I did wait about 10 mins, and usually it shows up within a minute ) when I received an SMS through google voice.

Second, I changed the type back to cell and unchecked "Receive SMS on this phone (mobile phones only )". That seemed to work because I didn't get the SMS forwared to my phone but I did get a notification from my google voice app! Hooray!!

T-Mobile can go to hell with charging me more than a regular phone data and msg plan! Wouldn't it be awesome if google became a cell phone company? Down with the status quo!!

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