Thursday, August 13, 2009

T-Mobile pisses me off!!

Just got my bill today for last month and I somehow received $27.60 in text messages overages. I checked my account and I went over by 138 messasges. That equals $0.20 a text message!! When I was with ATT it was only $0.05!

So I checked Verizon, T-Mobile, and ATT and here is the break down:

T-Mobile - .20
Verizon - text only .20, Picture/Video Messaging .25
ATT - .05 for the 1500 plan, .10 for the 200 plan

The thing that kills me is how do the text messages cost that much. I mean, really?? And as I was looking around the T-Mobile site, I started creating a new plan with the Motorola Renew and found they have 'unlimited web + Umlimited Messages for phones' for $20.00!!!!This is bullshit that I am paying more just because I have a different phone. I don't think the G1 has a server like blackberry, so why should I pay for it?!?!? And now T-Mobile dropped the 400 txt msg on the $25 plan!!

I'm going to do some searching around and find away around this. I will post my results. I know with ATT I bought a 2 year plan and got a free phone with 20 unlimited internet and text then bought an unlocked N95 and it worked just fine.... I wonder if the same principle applies?

Below are screen shots from each company: