Monday, May 24, 2010

Lotus Notes Folders disappearing after expanding

I had a very odd issue with my lotus notes client using Lotus Notes Basic 8. I had another mail file that I would open up and it had a lot of folders ( I want to say around 200+ ) When I click on the plus symbol on the folder of a mail file the folders and everything beneath it would disappear! After a lot of research and testing I found that to many elements in the frame and navigator would cause this issue.

Some IBM articles state there is a character limit for folders. Another IBM article states it is a limitation of the navigator view. Either way to get around it is to either move folders inside other folders or start deleting folders. In this instance, views and folders are treated equally so if you have a bunch of unused views, delete them too. After a number of deletions your folders / views will not disappear after expanding them.

A way to check the number of folders a mail file has is to press and hold ctrl + shift, click on the view menu > go to
Doing this displays all the $named views that are hidden from the client. Find the view named ($FolderInfo). Once this view is opened, do a ctrl+a to select all folders and get an accurate count.

Do delete these folders, you must use designer if you have too many root folders. In the mean time you can open those folders using the press and hold ctrl+shift > view > go to.

Some links to articles ( note the Lotus Notes Version ):
Maximum character length and nesting levels for views and folders
Folder/View limitation for Notes databases

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