Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lotus Protector for mail security 2.6 (2.5)

A few weeks ago I are started looking at Lotus Protector for mail security version 2.5 ( now 2.6 ). Since this is my first look at it ( I've worked with Barracuda and postini as well as Lotus Domino solutions like Spam Sentinel and Spam Jam ) the learning curve was a little steep :) The hardest concept was the policy rules and how they mesh together. Below is a screen shot of the home screen:

It didn't take long for me to recognize how powerful Lotus Protector for mail security is! Like Barracuda it has a rating system but unlike Barracuda you can customize the filters, allow, block, continue until you are blue in the face! It uses a rule system too, check out the image below:

One major hurdle is the Who objects and if they are 'Active'. There is a check box to make those objects active. However this is very deceiving because if a rule references that disabled who object, it is active... crazy right?

Another advantage is Lotus Domino LDAP directory sync. This allows your users to log into Lotus Protector using their Lotus Domino internet password to check their allow, block lists and quarantine!

More to come about protector....

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