Monday, June 27, 2011

Managed Replica - Not checking mail automatically

I recently had an issue where someone else had a managed replica, converted from a local replica. That person had 8.5.2 FP2 installed and everything looked good. However that person wasn't getting emails automatically. When I force a replication and sync using the "Start Now" button it works.

Then I noticed a status message in the status bar saying "Unable to encrypt saved mail because the mailfile specified in your current location ( ServerName/Org mail\tuser-replica.nsf ) is not on your workspace or available on the network"

So I looked at the managed replica database properties and found the file name and path mail\tuser-replica.nsf is the managed replica on the local machine. So I looked at the current location document under the "Mail" tab and Mail file location was set to server ( for managed replica this is the correct setting ) and the mail file was mail\tuser-replica.nsf. So I figured that had to be the issue. The mail file on the server was mail\tuser.nsf.

I closed lotus notes, renamed the database mail\tuser-replica.nsf to mail\tuser.nsf, launched notes, edit the current location document and changed the mail file field to mail\tuser.nsf. Then I opened the managed replica, sent and email and it automatically showed up in the inbox without hitting "Start now" on the replication and Sync page.

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