Monday, June 27, 2011

Notes.ini file for this server is invalid

While installing and configuring another partition on a Lotus Domino server that already had 2 I ran into an interesting error. While configuring the new partition and clicked on finish I got the following error:

After some google searching I found a technote 1472522 explaining this issue for Lotus Domino 8.5.1 and 8.5.2 versions. It says to check the c:\windows directory for a notes.ini file and delete it. My server didn't have a notes.ini in the c:\windows directory. I did find one in the d:\lotus\domino program directory though. The way partition servers work is they have a notes.ini in their data folder. So I moved the notes.ini out of the program directory and the server setup completed without any more issues.

Update:  I just tried adding another partition to an existing domino server ( 8.5.2 32 bit ) and loaded the FP1 and there was the NOTES.INI in the domino program directory. The contents:

CFP_LP_BASE_VERSION=Release 8.5.2|August 10, 2010
CFP_LP_CURRENT=Release 8.5.2FP1|November 29, 2010            
CFP_LP_PREV=Release 8.5.2|August 10, 2010

So fyi it seems this will happen each time you install an additional partition

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