Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Switching users and managed replicas - 8.5.2 FP2

In my Lotus Notes client I have multiple location documents with links to when I am switching between Domino domains and servers. This saves me the hassle of reconfiguring a new client just for that Domino domain. The problem is my current setup is not configured for managed replica but one the user accounts I use is.

The other day I tried to open that user's managed replica mail file on their server using my current location and The result? Very odd behavior. I was able to open the mail database on the server using my admin client without any errors. I check the bottom left location information for "on local" or "on server/server" and it shows "on server/server". When I click on File > Application > Properties I get the server field as server/server and type is Standard. I click on encryption settings and it says it's not encrypted. However when I go to click on a different folder ( or the same highlighted folder when I opened the database) I get "This database has local access protection (encrypted) and you are not authorized to access it" error.

I click Ok on the message and that folder is highlighted but I still see the contents of the folder that opened when I opened the database. Every folder I click on I get the above error but it still only shows the contents of the folder when I opened the database. Last I'm able to open documents in that original folder without errors. 

The issue must be with the client because the managed replica is stored on my Lotus Notes client and it is encrypted using my other location's It seems that the getfolder function the client executes on the server's copy of the mail file is interrupted and redirected to the managed replica stored locally regardless of who is signed in. I'm guessing this is by design, just wish there was a way for IBM to code something to check the current location or current notes id and stop that from happening.

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