Monday, July 22, 2013

Saving profile documents difference between Java and LotusScript/Formula

I ran across an issue that has been driving me nuts! I'm not sure if this is an error or by design. When I am working with profiledocuments in LotusScript and Formula languages, I can pull the profile document without giving a unique key parameter because it isn't required.

However, in Java, I can pull that same profile document, using "" as a unique key because it's required, read the correct values, and save it. However, when I save the profile document in Java, it doesn't update the profile document that the LotusScript and Formula languages. It seems to save a profile document separate from the LotusScript and Formula.

After I save the Java version of the profile document, I can only retrieve the Java version. When I open the profile document using LotusScript / Formula, it only retrieves the LotusScript / Formula version. Even after using getprofiledocumentcollection shows only one document, the one that will show depends on the language you are using.

However, when I start using a unique key, this problem goes away. ug. Anyone else had this issue or found a fix?
New job

I accepted a new job back in December 2012 that does not involve Lotus Notes/Domino. So unfortunately I won't be posting any more on Lotus Notes/Domino. In the next month I will try and finish up my draft posts from over the years and post them. I will still answer any questions anyone has.