Monday, June 28, 2010

Evo 4G

Picked up my EVO 4G phone recently and I have to say I love this phone! This phone is a big improvement from my G1. 4G coverage is pretty good in St. Louis. The battery life is an issue but I plug the phone in at work.

I really like the facebook integration and 7 home screens. Citrix app is very cool, I wish it supported multi touch.


  1. Yeah, Multitouch in Citrix would be nice but it's only like the 2nd version of the app. It will get better. I played with an Evo yesterday, OMG I love it. The Incredible looks like a chick phone after using the EVO.

  2. Yea, EVO is awesome! I don't like the 10 dollar extra monthly fee but Tmobile had their $25 / $35 data plan with the G1. Also I plan on rooting it so I can unlock 60 fps rendering and other fun stuff :)