Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Issue with Lotus Quickplace to Lotus Quickr upgrade and place authentication

Recently I followed the wiki to upgrade Lotus Quickplace 6.5.1 to Lotus Quickr 8.2.

The problem is that the Lotus Quickr server had no directory authentication ( doesn't use domino or ldap ) and used authentication on a place by place biases. The upgrade cause a problem because the the default authentication for the web was using the names.nsf?login HTML form. When using this form to authenticate quickplace logins, it would fail every time.

To fix this there is a technote ( QPTR5UC3XP )

This technote basically says to create a domcfg.nsf database and create a custom login form. The custom login form will point to LotusQuickr/resources.nsf ( in Quickplace 7 and before the path was Quickplace/resources.nsf ) and the Target Form is QuickPlaceLoginForm.

If you have a directory type of (No Directory) and Name (No Name), this change is important because with out it you will not be able to log into your places.

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