Sunday, August 15, 2010

Android 2.2 for Evo 4G

So I have three issues so far with the Android update,

1. Something is slowing the phone down or making it laggy. At times it's almost impossible to text message someone because not all the characters I am typing are registering. Also when scrolling between home screens on launching applications there is about half second delay, very annoying. Last, sometimes when I am in the text message page I try to open a text conversation and it opens someone else. If I go to task manager and kill all tasks except traveler it fixes it temporarily. When I have some time I will kill processes individually.

2. Sometimes the send text button is still disabled even though there is text that I want to send. Also very annoying because I have to copy the text, back out, create a new text message and paste.

3. The music app now has gaps when playing music, almost like when a cd skips. The only common denominator is that I am in the car driving. At first I thought it was the 4G signal going in and out with 3G but it still does that when I turn 4G off. The only time it doesn't skip / gaps in playing is when the cell antennae is turned off. However when I play Pandora music app while driving, no gaps or skipping...

I think I might wipe and reload the phone this next weekend to see if it fixes these issues...

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