Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Android Froyo 2.2

Just downloaded the Froyo 2.2 android update for my Evo 4G. First impressions

1. Music much faster to open and navigate
2. scrolling between home screens and app scrolling very smooth
3. using the multi touch app, no improvement with touch lag
4. internet browsing much faster
5. some visual tweaks like the password lock screen colors are more pleasing to the eye, text message input field is larger with an extra attach button below the send text button,
6. Google search widget has options to search web, apps, or all
7. Better auto detect screen brightness
8. The screen timeout has delay before it requires a password. For example if you are looking at something and the screen times out and goes blank, just click on the button at the top and scroll the htc  bar down and it will not prompt for your lock screen ( I'm sure it has x amount of minutes before the lock screen is displayed )

Still the htc sense build has no copy text message support. This is very annoying because if someone text me their address, I have to forward the message, then I can tap and hold to copy text. Old G1 allowed tap and hold to copy text without having to forward.

The adobe flash support is very cool, I watched an adobe flash video and the phone rendered it very well. Hulu doesn't work of course...

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