Sunday, August 15, 2010

Integrated Sametime with standard lotus notes eclipse

I recently received a call stating that a new user could not log into sametime, it kept giving him a 'wrong username or password' error. I Found out that he misspelled this user name when he first entered this information. The problem with this is the user name is not editable if you enter the wrong username the first time. For example, lets say I (ozzy) want to log into the community ( this is not a real community ) for the first time with a newly installed client:

So I fill out the information and I click login. However Lotus Notes says wrong username or password. I then notice that I miss spelled my user name and put ozzzy. Under normal conditions you can just change the username to the correct spelling and login. However, if you still experience an issue logging in with your correct username, continue reading.

The next step is to click 'Cancel' on the login screen. Next go to the file Menu > Preferences..

Next expand Sametime > Server Communities and click on the community you are trying to log into. In this example the community is named

Notice the miss spelled user name, and the user name field is grayed out. To reset this, go back and click on the Server Communities and click on Reset button:

Then you will see this message:

Click Yes. Next you will see the log screen with the username field empty. Try and log in now and it should work:

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