Monday, October 18, 2010

App Inventor for Android Beta

Last Thursday I was accepted for Google's App inventor for Android Beta. It is a visual programming language designed to create applications on the Android platform. To sign up for the Beta go to:

and click on the complete "this form":

It took me little over a week to be accepted. However Google did not notify me, I just visited the website ( ) every day and click on 'My Projects' until I stopped seeing the signup form.

The visual programming has a learning curve to it but after that it is pretty cool. However I have issues with the activityStarter and textToSpeech modules crashing on my Evo and G1. Heads up, to run your programs you will need to download and unzip the Android SDK and locate the adb.exe program. Also you will need to install the HTC sync software so that the Evo device ( actually all you need is the HTC driver, you can uninstall the HTC software ) will run the programs.

Evo HTC sync:

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