Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lotus Traveler 8.5.1 issue with iPhone / iPad

Ran into an issue with setting up an iPhone account with Lotus Traveler. When the Logon Name and Mail Address was filled out and the 'Generate' button was clicked, an error message on the web page would display in red color:

An error was encountered trying to read file c:\lotus\domino\data\traveler\cfg\client\Apple.xml.

In this instance the server was a partition server and the second partition is not running. The data\traveler\cfg folder did not contain a \client\ folder. However on the second partition located at c:\lotus\domino\data2\ had a \client\ folder with the AppleTemplate.xml file.

First I stopped the traveler task
tell nTraveler quit

Then copied the \client\ folder from c:\lotus\domino\data2\traveler\cfg\ to c:\lotus\domino\data\traveler\cfg\ folder. Then I started the traveler task
load traveler

When the task was finished loading the Apple.xml file was created from the AppleTemplate.xml in the correct folder c:\lotus\domino\data\traveler\cfg\client\Apple.xml

More info:
Customizing the device configuration process for Apple

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