Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lotus Traveler SSL and uninstalling issues

I've had two major issues with Lotus Notes Traveler recently ( only applies to version ):

1. Uninstalling the Lotus Mobile Installer goes through ok but uninstalling Lotus Notes Traveler yields "Uninstall not successful". I've had some what 80% success installing Lotus Notes Traveler on top of the old version but in other cases I had to wipe the phone. I found a technote regarding this issue with uninstalling Lotus Notes Traveler. Before you uninstall go to your home screen and press Menu/Options > Settings. Next open Security / Location & Security. Next find 'Select Device Administrators' and open it. You should see "Lotus Traveler Security" checked. Uncheck this and you will be able to uninstall. I've included a link at the bottom.

2. Using SSL. I tell you what, I've had strange issues but fortunately they are all documented and addressed.

SSL issue # 1. Self signed certificate doesn't allow you to download the Lotus Mobile Installer from the web browser. This issue seems to be related to the Android browser and self signed certificates. See the link for workarounds. FYI the self signed SSL certificate works great with Lotus Notes Traveler besides this issue.

SSL issue # 2. Signed SSL certificate causes communication between Android devices and server to stop communicating. I had a self signed certificate and I moved the server to a wild card commercially signed certificate. Some communication worked but over the next couple of days all the devices stopped working / alerting when new mail arrived. After re-installing the Lotus Mobile Installer, it prompts me to download the Lotus Notes Traveler and then gives me an error. This is an issue with a / in the ou or organizational unit of the certificate. The fix is to grab the new LotusInstaller.apk and LotusTraveler.apk files from fix central and copy them to the server overwriting the old versions and change the VersionInfo.txt to reflect the new versions. The bad thing is that you have to re-install both installer and traveler on all devices.

Problem downloading and installing the Lotus Mobile Installer for Android devices

Traveler APAR affecting Android SSL users (includes well-known certificates)

Recommended Maintenance - Lotus Notes Traveler
http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg24019529 APAR LO57088 for Android (Fix 1 for install post
Fix central - LNT_Android_8521_FIX1


  1. Hey - found this too - which solved my problems!

    "Using HTC devices with Lotus Notes Traveler

    Many people have reported various issues using newer HTC devices with Lotus Notes Traveler. The problems include data not syncing from the device to the server, device sync loops, and issues with install or uninstall of the Lotus Notes Traveler client. Many of these issues can be tracked to incompatibilities between the HTC Sense application and Lotus Notes Traveler. It is recommended on any HTC device running Lotus Notes Traveler that the HTC Sense application be disabled. Follow these instructions for disabling the HTC Sense application.

    Note: The exact steps may vary by device type.

    1. Select the Settings Option on the Sense Home screen
    2. Select the Menu option in the bottom right hand side of the screen and select ‘All Settings’ from the pop-up menu
    3. Select the Today icon in the middle
    4. Select the Items tab
    5. Uncheck HTC Sense
    6. Optional - Select Windows Default if desired.

  2. Thanks for your post, very interesting!

  3. The quote is taken of the Lotus Notes Wiki. The article covers problems on Windows Mobile devices with Sense. So the problem doesn't necessarily appear on Android devices.


  4. I hope this helps someone. I was able to beat the SSL download issue. I took the LotusInstaller.apk file and hosted it on my companies webserver that uses a Verisign SSL. I can then direct my users to that file in a page for the download. Once they have the installer loaded, it brings up the hostname / username /PW screen. They put in the Traveler hostname, not the website they went to, and the Installer is able to pull down the Traveler app and install it without any SSL blocks. You do get warnings, but no blocks.
    Thanks a million for the uninstall tip. Worked like a charm.
    Drew Blitz
    dblitz csci-va.com

  5. Thanks Drew for that tip! Do you have login credentials to download the LotusInstaller.apk on your company's SSL web server? Just remember to upgrade your LotusInstaller.apk on your web server when you upgrade Lotus Traveler :)

  6. Chris, I just put it in an open folder so no authentication required. You can't do much with the installer.apk. I had forgotten to update the latest installer.apk but I think it just acts as a stub for the application anyway. Users have been downloading the 8.2.2 installer, but when they put in the hostname, that directs them to the most recent LotusTraveler.apk on my Traveler Server. Tell me if I'm missing something.
    dblitz csci-va.com

  7. How uninstall delete lotus traveler android 4.0?

    1. I don't have a 4.0 device ( yet ), does it not have Menu/Options > Settings. Next open Security / Location & Security. Next find 'Select Device Administrators'?