Monday, June 27, 2011

Android Traveler folder rename issue

Yesterday I tried to move 6 sub folders to make them root folders. Using my Lotus Notes client, I clicked and dragged them to the root. Then I noticed that the folders did not change on my Android Traveler "show folders" option. I didn't think much about it and went ahead and subscribed to those 6 root folders that were showing as sub folders in Traveler. Next thing I know I get a security execution alert when opening them in my Lotus Notes client and it is signed by my traveler server! After closing my notes and re-opening I found that my traveler server moved my root folders back to sub folders!

This actually makes some sense to me ( well not the moving of the folders back to sub folders ) but each folder is a design element with a unique ID. So when those folders are moved Traveler must not have the ability to recognize it ( at least in the version ). I'm going to try and upgrade to and see if the issue still exists.

As a work around I just created new folders and moved all my mail over and deleted the old folders.

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