Friday, October 30, 2009

Weird error on 8.5.1 Notes client

Has anyone seen this error before?

It says CLFNM0257E: An error occurred trying to get a previewer from COR. Please contact your administrator. Widget is disposed

Then after I click ok my preview pane no longer works. However closing the tab and re-opening it fixes the issue. I am running 64 bit vista...

Weird right?

Update: this error seems to only happen with I use my scroll wheel on my mouse... It opens an email at random when I'm scrolling and that error shows up. When I close the email the preview pane doesn't work.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Lotus Sametime issues with tunneling

The other day I ran into an issue with a sametime website not displaying. When i type the page returned to my browser was blank. Even if I view page source there is nothing there!

However, if I type the web pages returns with stcenter.nsf. This is sometimes ok except that I had issues with sametime connect download ( error: "This feature has not been enabled" in the popup window ). However I got this working by editing the and checked the property:


The sametime connect download window would come up ok, but only under IE 8 and Google Chrome 3.x. My Firefox 3.5.3 did not like it and still displayed the error "This feature has not been enabled". Weird right?

When looking at one of the servers I saw this on the console:

Process D:\Lotus\Domino\stbroadcastgateway.exe (4628/0x1214) has terminated abnormally

It would show up every few minutes and didn't stop. I had two server's with this issue and only one server had this error on the console.

The one temperamental thing about sametime servers is the fully qualified internet host name field on the domino server document. The server must be able to resolve this name to itself. The issue with the two sametime servers is the FQHN did not resolve to the IP address on the server. It resolved to an IP address that was NAT'd to the internet.

As a test, I pinged the FQHN and it did resolve the NAT'd address instead of the server's address. Next, I made a change in the window's hosts file to resolve the IP address to the server's IP address. A quick ping revealed this worked.

For the Lotus Sametime server to update this, the Domino server must be restarted. After the restart everything worked.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New 1.6 update for Android

I received the new 1.6 update for my G1 about two weeks ago. I have to say I am very impressed with the speed! Opening applications and backing out is 1000 times faster. I now only get the forced close or wait message a few times a day.

The most noticeable improvement was the amount of resources used when finding a network signal. I take the metrolink to work. Pre 1.6, as soon as the metrolink goes underground the phone would almost lock up and my bluetooth stereo head set would cut out when playing music. It would keep trying to connect to the network and all the other applications would suffer. This was very annoying. However since the 1.6 update I don't notice it at all!

Lotus Notes 8.5.1 RCP Base Plug-in not found

I had a co-worker receive this error while upgrading from Lotus Notes 8.5 to 8.5.1. After looking closer she had 8.5 standard full install with admin and designer. The issue was the 8.5.1 package installed was the 8.5.1 standard only ( CZ5S3EN ) when it should have been 8.5.1 Standard full ( CZ5S0EN ). After running the correct install, the error did not come back

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lotus Notes 8.5.1 upgrade

Please read this first before proceeding: AllClient Errors

I had a co-worker get "Cannot upgrade AllClient installation to Notes client. The upgrade you are attempting is not supported" when upgrading from 8.5 to 8.5.1. After some google searching I found that you have to change the InstallType=2 to InstallType=6 in your notes.ini.

I've been noticing a lot of traffic to this web page so I decided to re-vist this post:
Here is a list of valid values for Installtype

Valid Values for notes 7 are:
2 - All client install (including Designer and Administrator)
3 - Notes client only
In previous versions of Notes this variable had many more values. It used to be used to Identifies the type of Notes client installed, as follows:
0 = Designer License Type
1 = Administration License Type
2 = Designer and Administration License Type
3 = Domino Mail Server License Type
4 = Domino Enterprise Server License Type
5 = Domino Application Server License Type
6 = Notes Client License Type
7 = Notes lite License Type
9 = Unknown, set by default at start of installation process, set for shared install

In this instance, a co worker was trying to install the admin / designer 8.5.1 client over the admin / designer 8.5 client. Why the InstallType needed to be changed from 2 to 6 is beyond me, but it works. IBM also has a tech note relating to this and they explain that the difference is between older versions and the 'all client' and 'client only'. Check the reference below under Upgrade. IBM's official fix for this is to uninstall Lotus Notes and install the correct package.

For smart upgrade users, this can be an issue when trying to roll out the installer. check the reference below for the full detail. The error is the same, the InstallType is 2 and needs to be changed to 6.

Upgrade to Notes 8 client fails with the error: 'The upgrade you are attempting is not supported'
Smart Upgrade: