Monday, October 26, 2009

Lotus Sametime issues with tunneling

The other day I ran into an issue with a sametime website not displaying. When i type the page returned to my browser was blank. Even if I view page source there is nothing there!

However, if I type the web pages returns with stcenter.nsf. This is sometimes ok except that I had issues with sametime connect download ( error: "This feature has not been enabled" in the popup window ). However I got this working by editing the and checked the property:


The sametime connect download window would come up ok, but only under IE 8 and Google Chrome 3.x. My Firefox 3.5.3 did not like it and still displayed the error "This feature has not been enabled". Weird right?

When looking at one of the servers I saw this on the console:

Process D:\Lotus\Domino\stbroadcastgateway.exe (4628/0x1214) has terminated abnormally

It would show up every few minutes and didn't stop. I had two server's with this issue and only one server had this error on the console.

The one temperamental thing about sametime servers is the fully qualified internet host name field on the domino server document. The server must be able to resolve this name to itself. The issue with the two sametime servers is the FQHN did not resolve to the IP address on the server. It resolved to an IP address that was NAT'd to the internet.

As a test, I pinged the FQHN and it did resolve the NAT'd address instead of the server's address. Next, I made a change in the window's hosts file to resolve the IP address to the server's IP address. A quick ping revealed this worked.

For the Lotus Sametime server to update this, the Domino server must be restarted. After the restart everything worked.

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