Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lotus Notes 8.5.2 Roaming - No prompt to upgrade

Last week I hit an issue of a user not getting the prompt for roaming user upgrade. I've down graded roaming, then re-setup roaming but still the user didn't receive the prompt. The adminp process only shows

Update Roaming User State in Person Record
       (Green Checkmark) Server/Test performed action on: 02/01/2011 8:00 PM

Which the document link shows In Progress and an hourglass next to the person document. The person logs into a different computer almost every time. So the issue must reside either in the person document or mail file right?

Well I ended up creating a new person document for the user by clicking "Add Person" and copying and pasting all the data from the old person document to the newly created one. Before I saved the newly created document I deleted the old one ( also I copied and pasted into a temp nab on my machine just in case ) and hit save and close on the newly created person document. The idea being a setting or field that is not displayed in the form is preventing the user from upgrading. The next day I still had issues with the user not getting prompted.

Finally I checked the local log.nsf of the user and found this error message:

Unable to get roaming upgrade lock, exiting roaming upgrade

When I Google searched for that error, I found one link to the forum that someone else had a similar issue and they had the notes.ini parameter client_clock=1 enabled on their client. Fortunately this person posted all the code because I noticed a line saying:

Preseting path to roaming lock db to CN=BELEUMAIL02/O=VWRI!!mail\lsteenho
Entering GetUpgradeLock()
Using Mail file as lock db
Using preset value CN=BELEUMAIL02/O=VWRI!!mail\lsteenho, as the mail file path
Path to the lock DB = CN=BELEUMAIL02/O=VWRI!!mail\lsteenho
Roaming lock already exists
03/11/2009 14:15:32 Unable to get roaming upgrade lock, exiting roaming upgrade.

So I re-created the mail file by doing File > Database / Application > New Copy on the server. Then moved the current mail file outside the data folder and renamed the new copy the same as the moved mail file. A few days later the user received the roaming upgrade prompt! The only downside is the user has to reset their unread marks. If that didn't work I thought about creating a new blank mail file just to get them to upgrade roaming and then revert to the old mail file ( not sure if this would work though ).

I then checked the last thread in the forum and the user basically said the same process fixed his issue too. DOH! Maybe next time I will read the entire thread and save my self the headache!

I sure would like to know if a profile document or regular document is created for this lock. I've tried to 'break' roaming to re-create this but with no success. I am interested if anyone else can shed some light on this roaming upgrade lock process.


Subject: Roaming In Progress, not completing

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  1. @Chris
    This is a profile document in the mailfile from the user. I created a agent which you can use to remove this kind of lock... You can find it on my blog here: