Sunday, August 15, 2010

Integrated Sametime with standard lotus notes eclipse

I recently received a call stating that a new user could not log into sametime, it kept giving him a 'wrong username or password' error. I Found out that he misspelled this user name when he first entered this information. The problem with this is the user name is not editable if you enter the wrong username the first time. For example, lets say I (ozzy) want to log into the community ( this is not a real community ) for the first time with a newly installed client:

So I fill out the information and I click login. However Lotus Notes says wrong username or password. I then notice that I miss spelled my user name and put ozzzy. Under normal conditions you can just change the username to the correct spelling and login. However, if you still experience an issue logging in with your correct username, continue reading.

The next step is to click 'Cancel' on the login screen. Next go to the file Menu > Preferences..

Next expand Sametime > Server Communities and click on the community you are trying to log into. In this example the community is named

Notice the miss spelled user name, and the user name field is grayed out. To reset this, go back and click on the Server Communities and click on Reset button:

Then you will see this message:

Click Yes. Next you will see the log screen with the username field empty. Try and log in now and it should work:

Android 2.2 for Evo 4G

So I have three issues so far with the Android update,

1. Something is slowing the phone down or making it laggy. At times it's almost impossible to text message someone because not all the characters I am typing are registering. Also when scrolling between home screens on launching applications there is about half second delay, very annoying. Last, sometimes when I am in the text message page I try to open a text conversation and it opens someone else. If I go to task manager and kill all tasks except traveler it fixes it temporarily. When I have some time I will kill processes individually.

2. Sometimes the send text button is still disabled even though there is text that I want to send. Also very annoying because I have to copy the text, back out, create a new text message and paste.

3. The music app now has gaps when playing music, almost like when a cd skips. The only common denominator is that I am in the car driving. At first I thought it was the 4G signal going in and out with 3G but it still does that when I turn 4G off. The only time it doesn't skip / gaps in playing is when the cell antennae is turned off. However when I play Pandora music app while driving, no gaps or skipping...

I think I might wipe and reload the phone this next weekend to see if it fixes these issues...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lotus Protector compared to Barracuda - DNSBL differences

Barracuda uses it's own DNS block list or DNSBL or BRBL  (Barracuda reputation block list). This BRBL is a great resource for filtering unwanted spam. The great thing about Barracuda's RBL is that they offer it free of use within reason.

Disclaimer: You need to look up Barracuda Central's policy before considering the use of their RBL.

To get to the website, click on

So in theory you can setup Lotus Protector to use Barracuda's RBL. I have done exactly that. Lotus protector provides some cool advantages over Barracuda though. The biggest advantage is how and when the DNSBL is used.

A little background on how Barracuda executes DNSBL: When you are using the BRBL in Barracuda, each connecting host is checked. If that host is contained in the BRBL, the host is dropped, not even an HELO or EHLO command is received. For this reason when you look at the message log you only see the connecting IP/domain server and that the connection was denied. You will never know what that message might have said. I understand the reasoning behind this which is to reduce the amount of bandwidth and traffic.

Lotus Protector has the same option. You click on SMTP -> Configuration, Receiving SMTP, DNSBL Settings and you can 'enable' DNSBL and customize the error message and error code that is sent to the connecting server when the connection is dropped.

This next paragraph does not apply to the above method of filtering with respect to threshold and matching. Note the disclaimer in the screen shot next to the enable check box. it states:
(uses DNSBL servers defined in Policy / Spam Settings, threshold and match scores are ignored!)
I am guessing that when a DNSBL server returns a known spam address, it is dropped but I can't verify that.

Once DNSBL is enabled, go to Mail Security -> Policy, Spam Settings. You will see a threshold number and a list of DNSBL servers. Each DNSBL server has a number associated called 'Match Score'. This basically means if the DNSBL server returns an address meaning the IP has a spam reputation, that score is compared to the threshold. If the score is greater then the threshold, the email is not accepted. If you have more than one server listed and enabled and the connecting host IP is listed in more then one DNSBL, the match score is added then compared to the Threshold.

Where Lotus Protector is different from Barracuda is that you can turn this DNSBL option off, and configure an analysis module to check the connecting IP in the policy rule! This allows me to submit a piece of email that is blocked by DNSBL to a person's spam quarantine or any other rule I decide to do! However if you are trying to reduce the amount of bandwidth, this policy rule might not be the best option for you. However this is great for testing purposes and that occasional person that sends an email to upper management using their local outlook client or that person that has an open relay but also has legitimate email too. Here are the screen shots of the DNSBL policy rule:

This screen shot shows the Analysis Module that checks for DNSBL

This screen shows the rule in place. The action is set to block since we do not want the email to continue being checked by the rest of the rules. The response is to store the email in the Quarantine where the individual user can look at it ( NOTE: make sure virus scanning is the first rule, you do not want to quarantine an email with a virus! ). Last, this rule is ran before the 'tag spam' rule and therefore reducing the amount of overhead.

On a side note, when configuring the Barracuda RBL in protector, the address is
There is a link to 'how to use' the BRBL and it doesn't display as the DNSBL server name.  For a noob like me it threw me off because of the example used was ) Also before you enable this you must register your Lotus Protector IP address to gain access:


I finally realize how DNSBL or DNS block lists work. If you ask me, it's pretty smart. It uses DNS to quickly and easily respond to a requesting mail server to determine the reputation of a connecting IP address. Also, DNSBL can be used for other applications besides email ( think http authentication ).

Let's start with an example and I will explain from there. When looking up an IP address for a domain or finding a domain using an IP, Windows users use nslookup. To do this, they type the following in a command prompt

Server:  Home

Non-authoritative answer:

The first two lines that say server and address is the name of my DNS server and my DNS server IP address. I purposely changed it to concealed them :)

This displays the IP address associated with my web site, The way DNSBL works, that you prefix the IP address in front of the DNS name. However, you need to reverse the IP address. So lets say I want to look up the IP address reputation of my website, I will use spamhaus ZEN DNSBL filter: ( )

it will look like this


Server:  Home

*** Home can't find Non-existent domain

When Non-existent domain is returned that means the IP is not listed as a known spam address. When an email server or spam device receives this Non-existent domain, the email will be allowed to receive. But when an address is returned, that means the IP has a reputation for spam like this random address of

Server:  Home

Non-authoritative answer:

Spamhaus has representations of what the return addresses means as do all the DNSBL's, in this case means this IP address is listed as an IP which should not be delivering unauthenticated SMTP email:

Here is a good reference too:
My favorite MX and blacklist website

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lotus Traveler for 8.5.2 beta - update

So far I have been pleased with the traveler beta for Android. About once a week I receive an exception error and traveler will close unexpectedly but a restart of the phone fixes it. Other issues I have found:

1. Sometimes an email will be stuck in the notification bar even after I've selected it and viewed it. restart fixes this
2. Unread marks do not always sync as fast I want them to. Read messages on traveler take some time to reflect read on my notes client
3. Still see some phantom contact syncing, it's not consistent, but I have this turned off and I should not have Lotus Notes contacts in my phone. There might be a residual issue with my first traveler install and contact syncing was turned on
4. The download button that will download a full message ( you can set traveler to only download a specific size of the message or a truncated message ) doesn't aways work. Seems to work very well with only text emails
5. I wish they would use tables to prevent some emails from scrolling way off the right side of the screen. It's hard to read an email that you have to scroll to the right to read.
6. So far no issues with Android Froyo 2.2 release and my version of traveler beta.

Things I love about Android traveler is the fast sync when a new message comes in. The notifications of unread email is very accurate.

According to Ed Brill, the Android release of Traveler will not make the 8.5.2 release :(

Seidio Innocell 3500mAh Extended Life Battery for HTC EVO 4G

So I have been using the extended battery over a week now and I have to say I like it a lot. I keep my 4G antenna on, GPS on, and I have mild to moderate internet usage. Went an entire day without having to charge my phone however the battery was around 35% full. This was pre android 2.2 release. I hope 2.2 will provide better battery saving features.

On a side note, I do not have a screen timeout. I turn the screen off when I am done with it.

Android Froyo 2.2

Just downloaded the Froyo 2.2 android update for my Evo 4G. First impressions

1. Music much faster to open and navigate
2. scrolling between home screens and app scrolling very smooth
3. using the multi touch app, no improvement with touch lag
4. internet browsing much faster
5. some visual tweaks like the password lock screen colors are more pleasing to the eye, text message input field is larger with an extra attach button below the send text button,
6. Google search widget has options to search web, apps, or all
7. Better auto detect screen brightness
8. The screen timeout has delay before it requires a password. For example if you are looking at something and the screen times out and goes blank, just click on the button at the top and scroll the htc  bar down and it will not prompt for your lock screen ( I'm sure it has x amount of minutes before the lock screen is displayed )

Still the htc sense build has no copy text message support. This is very annoying because if someone text me their address, I have to forward the message, then I can tap and hold to copy text. Old G1 allowed tap and hold to copy text without having to forward.

The adobe flash support is very cool, I watched an adobe flash video and the phone rendered it very well. Hulu doesn't work of course...