Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lotus Traveler for 8.5.2 beta - update

So far I have been pleased with the traveler beta for Android. About once a week I receive an exception error and traveler will close unexpectedly but a restart of the phone fixes it. Other issues I have found:

1. Sometimes an email will be stuck in the notification bar even after I've selected it and viewed it. restart fixes this
2. Unread marks do not always sync as fast I want them to. Read messages on traveler take some time to reflect read on my notes client
3. Still see some phantom contact syncing, it's not consistent, but I have this turned off and I should not have Lotus Notes contacts in my phone. There might be a residual issue with my first traveler install and contact syncing was turned on
4. The download button that will download a full message ( you can set traveler to only download a specific size of the message or a truncated message ) doesn't aways work. Seems to work very well with only text emails
5. I wish they would use tables to prevent some emails from scrolling way off the right side of the screen. It's hard to read an email that you have to scroll to the right to read.
6. So far no issues with Android Froyo 2.2 release and my version of traveler beta.

Things I love about Android traveler is the fast sync when a new message comes in. The notifications of unread email is very accurate.

According to Ed Brill, the Android release of Traveler will not make the 8.5.2 release :(


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