Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Using Android traveler beta on Lotus Domino release 8.5.2

First thing is first, do not use this in a production environment, use a test environment. Also, I cannot vouch for the stability of your Lotus Domino / Traveler environment while using the Android Traveler beta program. Now on with the instructions:

First, install Lotus Domino 8.5.2 and configure the server ( consider using 'More name variations with lower security' on the traveler server, I ran into some issues logging in using 'Fewer name variations with higher security'). Next install traveler 8.5.2. Next shut down Lotus Domino and install the Android traveler beta ( I am using code drop 1 ) by unpacking the files and copying them to the correct location according to the readme.txt:

The following files are copied from the zip to the domino server:


Next append the text in versioninfoex.txt to versioninfo.txt file under /traveler/cfg/client/.
Start Lotus Domino.

First we need to download the Lotus Installer software on the Android device.
Note: traveler.theozzyblogger.com url will not work because I used it as an internal server and domain.

Go to the browser and type http://servername.com/servlet/traveler

Next Click on 'Configure your Android'

Next click on 'Menu' -> 'More' -> Downloads

Click on the LotusInstaller.apk to launch

If you do not have allow installation of application from unknown sources, you will get the following screen. Click Ok

Next check the Unknown sources and click ok to the popup message

Now go back to the downloads page and click on the LotusInstaller.apk again

Next click Install

Then you will see the Application installed. Click 'Open'

On the next screen, click 'Agree'

Next click 'Next'

Next input the traveler server name and user name and password and click 'Next'

Next there is a screen that says 'preparing to download'

However, this will never complete and the android traveler install will never download. So to get around this you have to hit the back button and open the browser and launch the apk installer from the browser url to download it. The url is:


Once downloaded, click on 'Menu' -> 'More' -> 'Downloads'. Next click on LotusTraveler.apk to install.

Click 'Install'

Click 'Open'

Input the user name, password, and traveler server name ( I had an issue with user name ozzy blogger, the keyboard does not allow a space but puts an underscore. I had to change the server security to more name variations and used the short name ozzyblogger ) Click 'Next'

Since I do not want my contact from Lotus Notes to be added to my phone, I uncheck Sync Contacts. Click 'Finish'

Click 'Ok'

And that is it, the android beta traveler is running on Lotus Domino 8.5.2.


  1. Thanks for the information! I'll give it a try tomorrow.

  2. Hi there, have you tried to connect to an https protected url, its not working for me.

  3. JB, I have had issues trying to download the Travler installer client via https ( self signed cert). The download starts but no information is transmitted ( it says "Unknown" and "waiting for data connection..." ). I just download the Lotus Installer client using http.

    Also are you running the 1st beta or 2nd beta client? I am using the 2nd beta client with a self signed cert on domino. Once the traveler mail client is setup, the 2nd beta client sees the self signed cert and accepts it and transmits data using 443. You can verify this by enabling the domino connection logging


    This will display all connections and ports. Hope this helps. Fyi I think the gold release of Android traveler is coming very soon!

  4. Enlightening…your write-up is completely informative and I kind of liked reading it. I am hardly a person who reads some stuff but your writing style glued me to the article. Great work man, I would love to read more stuff from you, so I am bookmarking your blogs.

  5. I am also having trouble downloading via https. I put the LotusInstaller.apk onto my device manually and that worked fine. Can the same be done with LotusTraveler.apk? If so are you able to provide a copy (my Domino admin team are in the UK and not particularly responsive to my requests so far).
    Andrew P.

  6. Hi Andrew P, take a look at my post regarding SSL: http://blog.theozzyblogger.com/2011/02/lotus-traveler-8521-ssl-and.html

    as for providing the .apk files, those files are copyrighted and need to be downloaded from IBM's Software Access Catalog website. Have you tried to download using




  7. I had my traveler installed and working within the network but was not able to connect outside of network. How can I configure to connect it outside company's network?

  8. Well two solutions come to mind, first put your traveler server in the DMZ ( making all the necessary security precautions for the OS and Domino ) and make the appropriate DNS changes for your internal network and Internet. The other way is to NAT your internal traveler server to an Internet address and then make the necessary Internet DNS changes.

  9. where can i download the 2 .apk files from. Sorry but i have been searching for days.

  10. You need to download the traveler installer for from IBM's software access catalog.

    (CZX1QML) for Windows
    (CZX1RML) for Linux

    If you don't have access to IBM's access catalog I recommend using Lotus Launcher that is an app that uses notes ultralite ( your mail file and server must support ultralite )

  11. HI, I want to download Lotus traveler server. I have lotus domino server up and running and domino administrator bot version 8.5. Now how can I download and install traveler server? Can anyone help please.

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